Experienced long-term staff are the backbone of a strong corporate culture. We’re enormously proud that we get to celebrate work anniversaries at VILLIGER every year. In this blog post, Vanessa and Désirée will share the experiences they’ve gained during their years of service, how they actively shape corporate culture and why they feel they’ve become a significant part of the VILLIGER family.

Vital support for the VILLIGER family
The knowledge and experience employees who have been with us for years have gained allow them to work with particular efficiency. That being said, they’re not only appreciated for their productivity but also for their invaluable contribution to our great company culture.

We feel very fortunate to have long-serving employees on the team. We always look forward to celebrating work anniversaries. This year, we’ll celebrate four 10-year and seven inspiring 20-year work anniversaries at VILLIGER Söhne AG in Switzerland. In Germany, we’ll celebrate even more anniversaries – three 40-year, ten 25-year, and nine 10-year anniversaries are coming up.

26 years of service – what makes VILLIGER so attractive for long-serving employees?
Désirée is a Product Manager in the Handmade Cigars division at VILLIGER Söhne GmbH in Germany. In 26 years with the VILLIGER Group, the VILLIGER Söhne GmbH could always count on her commitment and skills. “For me, cigars are not just products. They are a very emotional experience. Over the years, I’ve come to care deeply about everything, from the cigar to the surrounding culture, producing countries, manufacturers, and the retail community. We’re one big family.”


Désirée's story at VILLIGER began in 1998 at 5th Avenue Products Trading GmbH, the official sole importer of Habanos and Mini Cubanos in Germany, founded by Heinrich Villiger and the Cuban Habanos S.A. She entered the industry with no previous background and was immediately enthusiastic about the different cigar formats and brands. Her marketing role at El Mundo del Tabaco then really lit the fire in her. “I find the entire process of finding creative marketing ideas and helping develop new cigars so fulfilling! What I particularly like about my employer is that VILLIGER offers me the opportunity to fully embrace my passion. I can be creative, develop ideas, and implement them. I truly appreciate working with partners from Switzerland and the manufacturers in the Caribbean. I enjoy tackling and solving problems.”

It makes her particularly proud that the patron, Heinrich Villiger, believed in her and personally proposed her as Product Manager for Handmade Premium Cigars at VILLIGER.

Even after having been with VILLIGER for 26 years, she says: “I have the best job in the world!”

Major drivers of employee loyalty at VILLIGER: A close-knit team and individual support
Vanessa has a similarly happy story to tell about her long journey with VILLIGER Söhne AG in Switzerland. She is one of the employees who will be celebrating their 10-year work anniversary in 2024.

“My very first week of work ended with a highlight: I was invited to the Trucker & Country Festival in Interlaken. That allowed me to get to know many employees casually. That is exactly what I value about an employer. The chance to work in a great team built on unity and solidarity, which is fostered in the company through interdepartmental cooperation, on the one hand, and through numerous events such as the VILLIGER Celebration, the almost legendary Christmas party or the exciting VILLIGER product launches, on the other.”


The purchasing specialist also appreciates the personal, handwritten birthday wishes and the surprise gifts at Christmas and on her birthday – small gestures that go a long way to show her that she is highly valued as a person. Vanessa is also very grateful that VILLIGER allowed her to complete the Swiss Confederate Specialist Certificate as a purchasing specialist.

After ten years at VILLIGER, she sums up her wishes for the future accordingly: “I hope I’ll be able to work for this fantastic family-run business for a very long time to come!”

Stories like those of Désirée and Vanessa illustrate how a thriving company’s success and continuity depend on employees’ loyalty and commitment. Their many years of loyalty and unwavering commitment deserve recognition and a long-service award in the form of a bonus.

VILLIGER Söhne GmbH in Waldshut-Tiengen also awards framed certificates from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) to employees celebrating 25 or 40 years of service. Employees who reach their 40th work anniversary also receive an honorary certificate from the state of Baden-Württemberg, signed by the Minister President.

Many thanks to all the employees who have reached a special milestone at VILLIGER
Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest gratitude to all the employees who are celebrating work anniversaries: This company is where it is today because of your loyalty and commitment. We are proud to be part of your professional journey and look forward to many more successful years together.

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