Aficionados throughout the world like to retire to a cozy lounge to get the most out of their cigar. A myriad of such bars and lounges can be found in Germany alone. We have selected ten of the most popular places for a splendid cigar lounge experience.

If you’re browsing the cigar portal, you can find over 360 places in German-speaking regions where you can enjoy the pleasures of a fine cigar. Furthermore, lists 230 hotels in Germany that have a smoking lounge. Since the furnishings and ambiance of a cigar lounge matter just as much as the taste of tobacco and cigar types themselves, it would be presumptuous to think that a list of the best lounges can cater to all cigar connoisseurs equally. Accordingly, this list is to be understood as a selection of ten exquisite lounges. The order is random and has no relevance for the “rank” within this selection.

Capella Bar, Dusseldorf

The trendy bar at the Hotel Breidenbacher Hof in Dusseldorf stands out with its decadent design made of precious wood, illuminated black marble, and its extensive selection of drinks. Guests can look forward to live music from Wednesday to Saturday, which includes soul, funk, jazz, and pop. The cozy cigar lounge adjacent to the Capella bar offers aficionadas and aficionados 124 different Cuban and Dominican cigars in the walk-in humidor. That is also why the luxury blog describes the bar and lounge as one of the best establishments of its kind in all of Europe.

Zigarren Herzog am Hafen, Berlin

The Zigarren Herzog am Hafen in Berlin offers those who want to enjoy a cigar in solitude and wish to discuss something undisturbed the option to retire to a private room. The exquisite lounge of the heritage-listed harbor building, which was finished 1909, spoils visitors for choice with cigars sorted by cultivation years and wrappers. The lounge is an airy salon with high arched windows, antique carpets, long sofas, armchairs, and a terrace that provides guests with a view of the river Spree.

Apples Bar, Hamburg

The Smokers Lounge of the Apples Bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Hamburg with fireplace and cozy seating does not only allow cigar smoking – it encourages it. The elegant lounge is a short distance away from the central train station in the venerable Levantehaus. Guests from all over the world appreciate the high standard of the entire hotel. The fitness center, spa, and numerous shops, such as a jeweler as well as a bespoke tailor, make the Levantehaus’s central location the hotspot of the city. The drinks list of the Apples Bar includes twelve cocktail creations of its own that guests can enjoy with a fine cigar.

Smoker’s 100 Lounge, Frankfurt

The Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch invites tobacco enthusiasts to treat themselves to a cigar in the Smoker’s 100 Lounge but also on its spacious terrace overlooking the lake. The humidor stores international brands from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. These cigars allow visitors to forget about the daily grind during “Gentlemens Time” or “Ladies Time” with packages that include a cigar, matching chocolate, classic drinks, and sandwiches.

Hotel Bülow Palais, Dresden

The humidor of the cigar lounge in the Dresden Hotel Bülow Palais contains around 30 different cigars from all over the world for aficionadas and aficionados. The lounge is furnished in Old English style and offers an extensive selection of quality spirits from whiskey and gin to cognac. Individual whiskey tastings are also possible. The decorative highlight of the lounge is the ceiling cutout skillfully paneled with cigar leaves and the club tables of the same design.

Miguel Private Cigars, Berlin

With Berlin’s Miguel Private Cigars, Torsten Reich coupled his old job as a bartender with his passion for cigars and opened the first Gurkha Lounge in Europe. Reich received the exclusive Gurkha humidor (number 17 of 30) from Gurkha Sales Director Juan Lopez as a gift for opening the lounge. This walk-in humidor is well stocked with selected cigars – the bar with selected drinks. You can enjoy both while sitting in comfortable and elegant armchairs with a view of the elaborately designed coffered ceiling. Therefore, it is not surprising that guests initially want to drop by for a casual cigar and spend almost the entire day in the lounge.

Carlos André Cigar Lounge, Hamburg

The Carlos André Cigar Lounge near the subway station Jungfernstieg belongs to the Se7en Oceans restaurant, where chef Frédéric Morel proudly looks at a Michelin star. The lounge is dedicated to the Dominican premium cigar by the traditional German company Arnold André. The walk-in humidor includes the company’s imported brands, such as La Aurora and Léon Jimenes, along with the Buena Vista and Cuban beauties made by Arnold André.

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Baden-Baden

Like at the turn of the century, the renowned Brenners Park-Hotel in Baden-Baden provides lovers of cigars with a “smoking jacket” to protect their jacket from the smell of tobacco smoke. The furnishings of the cigar lounge are elegant and intimate. Those who want to pair their smoke with a suitable drink or rare spirits can order from the Oleander Bar next door with the ring of a bell.

Château Henri, Bergheim

The Château Henri houses not only a pipe museum but also a pleasant lounge with high-quality tobacco products. Since Peter Heinrich prioritizes utilizing all the senses, he prefers his retreats for aficionadas and aficionados to be called pleasant rather than cigar lounges. When it comes to furnishings, Heinrich prefers originality, coziness, and simplicity instead of luxury.

Cigarworld Lounge, Dusseldorf

The siblings Patricia and Marc Benden have set up the largest lounge in Europe in Dusseldorf. The Cigarworld Lounge is an oasis for lovers of a good smoke: 1000 square meter house a vast selection of fine cigars, meeting rooms, a movie theater, and a summer terrace. The lounge leaves nothing to be desired: Benden is considered the cigar retailer with the most extensive range in Germany. He currently stocks around half a million cigars from about 700 brands. Aficionadas and aficionados who visit the Cigarworld Lounge get to sit in cozy armchairs and look at well-stocked humidors behind glass walls.

As stated at the outset, we would once again like to emphasize: The style and ambiance of a cigar lounge are just as much a matter of taste as the cigars themselves. We hope that these ten selected suggestions will help you judge for yourself whether one of these lounges suits your taste the next time you visit one of these cities.

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