2024 kicked off with a highlight for cigar aficionados and aficidonadas worldwide: the Puro Sabor Nicaragua Cigar Festival. From January 22 to 27, this unforgettable event attracted visitors from more than 15 countries. Set amidst Nicaragua’s breathtaking scenery, the festival offered a journey through the tobacco industry, exploring the country’s rich history and culture.

The most essential cigar event in Central America and VILLIGER was there
The trip to Nicaragua alone to attend the Puro Sabor Nicaragua Cigar Festival was a pleasure! It led many of the visitors, who had come from countries as far away as Germany, through breathtaking scenery. Nicaragua is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, boasting spectacular nature, a rich history and culture. The country offers unique geographical diversity with its numerous volcanoes, lakes and islands and is home to fascinating flora and fauna.

Tobacco diversity is one of Nicaragua’s outstanding exports
Nicaragua’s most important exports are bananas, cotton, gold, seafood, coffee, beef, rum, sugar, and tobacco, with cigars being the most prominent. The four tobacco-growing regions of Estelí, Condega, Jalapa, and Ometepe grow excellent tobacco with a wide variety of characteristics. These regions offer the best conditions for the production of high-quality cigars.

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The heart of tobacco cultivation: Estelí
A town in the north of Nicaragua, Estelí has developed as a hub for cigar production in recent decades. Estelí provides for more than 45,000 direct and indirect jobs in the tobacco industry, making it a proud contributor to global cigar production. The city is home to over 40 manufacturing companies and a variety of supporting businesses that continue to drive the industry’s success. The VILLIGER cigar production facility in Nicaragua opened in 2022 and is also located in Estelí.

Over 260 million premium cigars are rolled and exported here annually for the largest market in the world, the USA. In addition to the 40 or so cigar production companies, an entire industry consisting of various box factories, cigar ring manufacturers, and accessory suppliers have also settled here.

Tobacco plantation visits and exclusive evening events
The Puro Sabor Nicaragua Cigar Festival offered visitors a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of cigar production. From factory tours and tobacco plantation visits to exclusive evening events, the festival featured a wealth of unforgettable experiences. Visitors got the chance to enjoy first-class cigars, local cuisine, and Nicaraguan hospitality.

Guests visited at least five cigar factories and a few selected tobacco farms in different groups. Because of the many manufacturers in Estelí, distances are short, making the minibus transfer brief and pleasant. The lunch consisted of excellent local food and allowed visitors to meet on a farm. In the afternoon, guests could visit a factory or tobacco plantation. The evenings were a delight, with unique, traditional Nicaraguan food in a beautiful ambiance. Of course, there were matching cigars. Occasionally, rum producers surprised aficionados and aficionadas with a variety of their matured produce to elevate the indulgence of smoking a cigar.

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White Night and Gala Night – the highlight of the festival
One of the festival highlights was the White Night, where visitors were dressed in white only. The Gala Night was also celebrated in a festive setting with selected cigars. On this occasion, festival visitors came together with the manufacturers’ families and factory managers to enjoy a wide selection of cigars in a relaxed atmosphere while listening to traditional Nicaraguan music.

The pride and joy of VILLIGER: This year, the VILLIGER 1888 NICARAGUA was one of our the exquisite products presented to the world.

Unforgettable memories for visitors
After six eventful days, the 2024 Puro Sabor Nicaragua Cigar Festival ended as an unforgettable experience, and visitors set off on their journey home. Participants made their way home with a wealth of knowledge, a unique festival gift box in their luggage, and new contacts worldwide.

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Since 2022, VILLIGER Söhne Holding has had its factory in Nicaragua for the exclusive production of premium cigars. The event was valuable and a popular meeting point for aficionados and journalists from various countries.

We’re excited and look forward to the next Nicaraguan Cigar Festival. Would you also like to be inspired by the fascination of Nicaragua and the world of cigars?

Join the Instagram community and visit the festival website. We look forward to welcoming new aficionados and aficionadas. We hope to see you next year, Puro Sabor!

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