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New products from VILLIGER

More than 130 years of tobacco tradition not only stand for a lot of experience, but also for a great spirit of innovation. Discover the latest products of the VILLIGER family here.

Corrida DE


The two cigarillo varieties CORRIDA Brazil CLUB and CORRIDA NICARAGUA CLUB convince with an exceptionally delicate and balanced filler and come with a hand-rolled wrapper from the respective country of origin. This wrapper leaf promotes the development of aromas further and epitomizes the premium quality of the brand.

VegaFina 1998

VegaFina 1998 was developed as a premium line. Cigars made by hand that have matured for at least three years. The result of a development process, in which the master blenders Grupo de Maestros at the Tabacalera de García factory devoted all their expertise and experience. The VegaFina 1998 is characterized by a balanced taste that is refined by an intense aroma and full nuances. The names of the three available formats refer to the ring gauge of the individual cigar: VF 50, VF 52 and VF 54.

Villiger 1492


The Dominican long-filler cigar boasts a new, modern look. The popular composition of the VILLIGER 1492 combines the finest tobacco blend from the Dominican Republic with a binder from Indonesia. The final highlight is a bright Connecticut wrapper sheet from Ecuador. Balanced with aromas of wood, nut, and toast – slightly sweet and perfectly balanced – the VILLIGER 1492 offers the finest of smoking experiences and enjoys enormous popularity.


The house of VILLIGER presents you with pleasure in a class of its own. The VILLIGER Cristal introduces a new brand that is second to none. Heinrich Villiger spent a lot of time refining and sampling until he had the perfect tobacco mixture. The result: two exquisite filter cigarillos made from the best tobaccos, distinctive through their unique taste and quality.

Villiger CRISTAL

The new Limited Edition from VILLIGER

Hand-rolled cigars are the pièce de résistance for smokers. Moreover, the enticing and seductive flavors of every single one will take your senses on a different adventure.

Corrida Honduras


Only the best Torcedores can create these masterpieces. Continuous smoking increases the aroma and strength of this cigar. Dressed self-confidently in red, it demonstrates the qualities of strong Honduran tobaccos and convinces with a selection of complex aromas of earthy and peppery undertones, without being too overpowering. Its strength offers the taste of pure tobacco and utmost pleasure without making compromises. This flavor profile makes the CORRIDA a cigar for that extraordinary moment while its modern case with carbon design makes it the highlight in every humidor.

Limited to 900 cases


The CORRIDA SELECTION PERFECTO GORDO contains one cigar each of the original four lines of the CORRIDA brand in the Perfecto Gordo (6 x 60) format, which was hand-made in the respective country of origin exclusively for this limited edition. A varied and versatile quartet of premium grade cigars of the brand CORRIDA consisting of the mild and balanced Dominican Republic, exotic and sweet Brazil, fragrant Honduras and powerful Nicaragua. For aficionados in the exclusive, reusable sheet metal case in carbon design.

Limited to 1'400 tin cases

Corrida Perfecto Gordo
VegaFina Gran Reserva

VegaFina Gran Reserva

Following the success of the first Gran Reserva, created in 2018 for the 20th anniversary of the brand, VegaFina consolidates the concept with this exclusive Limited Edition. With the Toro format, the 52 mm and 146 mm ring gauge, and the signature pigtail cap, VegaFina offers a hand-rolled cigar made from Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves and matured for at least five years. A meticulous process refines the tobacco blend and perfectly balances aroma and taste.

Limited to 500 boxes

VILLIGER Christmas Edition

The best Torcedores have created the VILLIGER CHRISTMAS EDITION 2019 for the celebration of pleasure. Two high-quality Brasil Claro cigars frame a single Brasil Maduro cigar in a festive case with magnetic closure. This exclusive edition was made by hand at the Villiger Do Brasil factory and consists only of tobaccos that have matured for at least three years. It gives these long-filler cigars a balanced taste, which merges the aromas of cocoa, pepper, and soft floral notes perfectly. The Arapiraca wrapper leaf gives the Maduro a subtle sweetness with hints of coffee and leather.

Limited to 1'000 cases

Christmas Edition


VILLIGER surprises with two high-quality editions: The VILLIGER SAN’DORO CLARO come with a fine Claro wrapper and a particularly balanced blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua. They are mild and creamy yet slightly spicy and sophisticated. The highly sophisticated blend of the VILLIGER SAN’DORO COLORADO made it one of the top 25 cigars in the USA in 2016. It has strength, intensity, and character while remaining soft and well-rounded. The duo is available as VILLIGER SAN’DORO DIADEMAS, each with five, and as VILLIGER SAN’DORO DOUBLE PERLA, each containing ten cigars of both editions.

Limited to 200 boxes each

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