August 17, 2016

Brand Breakdown: Villiger San’Doro

Villiger’s newest premium release is San’Doro. We got the lowdown on the new brand in this interview with René Castañeda, President of Villiger North America. Where does this cigar’s name come from and what does it mean? It comes from the Latin indorum sana sancta, which translates to “the holy healing plant of the Indians.” This is the name that Columbus gave to tobacco and what he put in his records in Latin. They called it san’doro for short. Tell me a bit about the product. What was the impetus for adding this to the portfolio? Does it fill some void […]
August 16, 2016

Villiger Cigars North America Moves Into Miami Headquarters

Heinrich Villiger, chairman of Villiger Söhne AG, cuts the ribbon to mark the opening of the company’s new U.S. headquarters as Villiger president Rene Castaneda, right, and a Doral official look on. Cigar Aficiando By Jack Bettridge Posted April 28, 2016 When Heinrich Villiger, chairman of Villiger Söhne AG, Switzerland’s international cigar giant, took up a massive pair of ceremonial scissors amid festivities Friday night to cut a ribbon at the company’s new North American headquarters in Doral, Florida, the gesture was symbolic of more than just a new home for the division. Heinrich Villiger made his first trip to […]
August 16, 2016

Villiger Cigars North America Appoints New President

Cigar Aficiando By Gregory Mottola Posted February 1, 2016 As part of its plan for major corporate restructuring, Villiger Cigars North America (VCNA) has named Rene Castaneda as its new president. The company had been without a president since it dismissed Roy MacLaren in 2014 and turned over his responsibilities to other employees within VCNA. “It is truly an honor to have been chosen for this position at a company so rich in history,” stated Castaneda. “We plan on being an innovative company while bringing Villiger back to its roots. Our plan is to develop brands that connect with consumers […]
June 30, 2016

Interview with Heinrich Villiger the owner of Villiger Cigars

April 5th 2016 Basler Zeitung – “Prohibitions are usually a bad idea” by Mischa Hauswirth The Basler Zeitung speaks with Heinrich Villiger, Chairman of the Board of the Swiss family business carrying the same name, about the latest restrictions on the tobacco industry, youth protection and the future of the Brazilian tobacco farmers. He criticises the anti-tobacco laws demanded by the World Health Organisation (WHO). “With the first regulations the EU has passed years ago, tobacco companies have been forced to print warning notices. The consumer is already “warned” with small, clearly visible notices. To demand even bigger warning notices […]