There's little disagreement today that we live in an increasingly frantic and stressful world. Stress levels are rising by the year, and many people don't believe they're coping with their hectic lives in positive ways.

This state of affairs has led to a reaction known as the Slow Movement, also called slow life culture. Though sometimes overlooked, cigars are perhaps the epitome of the slow life culture, as smoking one allows you to sit back, relax, think and enjoy yourself in a way few other experiences can.

What Makes the Slow Life Different?

Since the Industrial Revolution, the focus of life has been speed and efficiency. Though this has resulted in much progress, it has also made it more difficult to slow down and enjoy life. The slow life culture is made up of people who intentionally take a step back from the rush and whirl of everyday life. Often, the slow life culture embraces the finer things in life, such as good food and quality drinks. In fact, the original Slow Movement began in direct reaction to the growth of fast food restaurants that provided rapid service but low-quality food.

The original Slow Movement began in direct reaction to the growth of fast food restaurants

Where Do Cigars Fit In?

If you've ever smoked a cigar, you already know how relaxing the experience is. Because cigars must be smoked slowly in order to maintain their flavor, smoking one is one of the best ways to slow down. A good cigar can last for as much as an hour, and there's no rushing one once it has been lit. For this reason, cigars aren't just a part of the slow life culture, but in a certain sense, the very essence of it.

The feeling of smoking a Cigar

When you're smoking a cigar, you can allow your mind to wander and contemplate, rather than focus on the many frustrations and stresses of the day. The time it takes to smoke is the perfect opportunity to simply indulge yourself and take life easy, if only for a little while. Whether you take your smoking session alone or choose to partake with friends who also understand the importance of taking the time to slow down and enjoy the good things in life, few things are as relaxing and enjoyable as a truly good cigar.

This perspective on cigars as one of the essential parts of the slow life culture is why Villiger strives to make the very best cigars for smokers around the world. The next time you need to slow down, contemplate something or simply indulge in a fantastic sensory experience for its own sake, try a premium Villiger cigar.

Relaxing and enjoyable
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